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Artist Statement 

I am a narrative painter. I depict people in over-stimulating, frantic environments that reflect on my emotional interactions with my subjects, connecting them to human indifferences, anxieties, and alienations. Within my work, my directive is to ask questions about society through constructed narratives. I am drawn to the power of nightclub scenes and spaces where inhibitions from life’s struggles are diffused in expressive movement, color and light. I go to observe interactions, phrases, discussions, and cues to collect all of these experiences for context in my work.

As I construct my compositions, I layer up to five to six references that build up various textures, overlapping objects, and words within a painting. I am interested in the inundation of images via social media and other means and how it distorts time and reality. I find balance in adhering to textual structure while expressing creative freedom to change value, scale and orientation to develop contextual discussion. I seek to capture a moment in time, to narrate the speed of our current digital culture.

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